You Need A Skilled And Tireless Advocate On Your Side

Attorney Margaret Phiambolis has litigation skills acquired over her legal career. With over 25 years in practice, she has experience to prosecute or to defend law suits on your behalf.

Margaret Phiambolis works with clients to build their case, from identifying legal theories through discovery and trial. She learns the goals of each client and works to achieve them in the most cost-effective way possible. She works with each client to achieve practical solutions for their legal needs.

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Advocating For You

Ms. Phiambolis provides civil litigation services with respect to a complete range of areas, including, among others:

Whatever the nature of the litigation, Margaret Phiambolis represents clients in a wide variety of legal proceedings, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods, and trial.

In the course of representing you during litigation, she helps you identify when your rights are better protected by trial and when they are better protected by another approach. As a result, clients know they can choose confidently from these available legal options because they have received thorough and reliable advice.

In maximizing clients’ opportunities for success, Ms. Phiambolis works diligently to protect their rights and fight for their interests, which can often lead to long-term relationships conducive to proactive decision making.

Discover Your Legal Options Today

The Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis encourages all potential clients to schedule an initial consult with us by calling 215-664-7764. Ms. Phiambolis can also be reached online. Communications between potential clients and the firm remain entirely confidential.